Military Police in Brazil Shoot, Kill and Drag A Woman Behind Vehicle

Posted: March 18, 2014 in WORLD VIEWER
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March 17, 2014 – Brazil, Revolution News

Military police in Comunidade Congonha, near Madureira, Brazil continued their “pacification” operations by executing a woman on her way to buy bread.

Claudia Ferreira Da Silva 38 year old mother of 4 kids, she was also taking care of 4 nephews. Originally people reported that Police shot her 3 times before throwing her body into the back of the vehicle.


The police involved are now claiming that they found her and that Claudia had 4 guns on her. They claimed Claudia  was still alive when they threw her in the trunk of their car, and that they were heading towards a hospital. Nothing substantiates this claim of theirs.

To cover up their crime, they threw Claudia’s  body in the trunk of their police car. It was about 9am this Sunday when the vehicle of the 9th Battalion (Rocha Miranda) was on Magellan Road headed towards Marechal Hermes in the North Zone of Rio.

After rolling from inside and hanging on the bumper of the vehicle only by a piece of clothing, the Claudia body was dragged for about 250 meters, beating against the pavement as the vehicle was driving. Although warned by pedestrians and motorists, PMs did not immediately stop. An amateur cameraman recorded passing by the scene in a video.

Video via Coletivo Carranca
**** Trigger Warning **** very disturbing images, woman dragged by car…



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