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Case no. Phil – 101879 – Pres Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo, et al (Appellant) vs Kolf Annan, James Wolfenson, Anthony Martin, et al (Respondent)



This Court prejudged the appeal made by the EX-OFFICIO Chairman of the Committee 300 in the name of HER MAJESTY, QUEEN ALEXANDRA ELIZABETH MARY WINDSOR II regarding her APPEAL of review about the following:

The Registered Land Title and the US Fiscal Properties in the Philippine Islands

The Court stand to prejudge the following appeal in lieu that the History of the Philippine Islands was first discovered by the Chinese, Japanese, Malays, Indonesians, Indians and other Asian Nations and during the Mid-Millennium, the Western Civilization rediscovered Countries outside Europe that resulted for the Philippines as one of the surmount of the Western Civilization, it surmounted by the Crown of Spain alter certain Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Islands dated March 16, 1521 and the Crown of Spain under King Philip II after Magellan’s Armies escaped from attack by some natives in the Philippines headed by certain Lapu-lapu in the Philippines they have, as alleged, paid Native Elders in the Philippines that resulted to issue Titulo Propriedad Numbero 1436 under Royal Decree No. 01-4 for the Philippines and surveyed Land under this Decree that termed as Las Islas Filipinas sometime on year 1560’s as told by the Spanish Historian, the Title was bought by certain Mariano San Pedro’y Esteban during Fiscal Crisis arise in Europe but Don Mariano San Pedro’y Esteban was disappeared in Europe and it recovered by certain Dr. Jose P. Rizal in Madrid and sent the said Title in the Philippines that resulted also for Dr. Rizal to jail by the Spanish Authorities and executed dated December 30, 1806; the People of the Philippine Islands mount pressure and battle against Spanish Authorities and their occupation in the Philippine Islands after certain Andres Bonifacio, leader of Filipino Rebels possessed and transferred said Titulo from Dr. Rizal before he died.

The Battle erupted in the Islands between Spanish Authorities and Filipino Rebels sometime on year 1897; thereafter, The American Authorities helped Filipinos to remove Spanish Authorities in the Islands but as the international Historian told Philippine History before this Court, the American Authorities occupied Philippine Islands after the “Treaty of Paris” end to agree by and between for the Crown of Spain and the President of the United States of America dated December 10, 1898, in their treaty , the Philippine Islands was sold by Spain to the US Delegates by using Titulo Propriedad Numbero 4136 which originally registered, still, in the name of king Philip II and no person during the registration in the name of the Late King are allowed unless it involuntarily sold by one of the members of the Spanish Royal Family; the US Plenipotentiaries paid Spain at the sum of US$20,000,000 in exchange of their Rights to won the Philippine Islands.

During the mandatory instruction made by late Pres William McKinley, all Spanish Properties in the Philippine Islands are under reclassification and registration proceedings and Pres. McKinley issued mandatory instruction to enact laws pertaining to the Lands Registration Proceedings under American Law; sometime on year 1900’s, Land Registration Act no. 496 was enacted by late Pres William H. Taft after he recovered Titulo Propriedad Numero 4136 to certain Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo at the sum of $10,000,000 that resulted for this Titulo to declare NULL AND VOID by the American Authorities, during American Colony in the Islands, Gen Robert Torrens resurveyed Philippine Islands with Plan no. II – 4509 which covering the entire Philippine Archipelago from the Islands of Luzon to the Island of Sabah with measurements of more/less 452,000 sq. km.

And sometime on year 1900’s Plan No. II-4509 approved by late Secretary of State John Hay and he endorsed for recommendation the newly registered Title with no. 779 for the Philippine Islands dated December 18, 1996 with GR no. 103727 and 106496, which approved thereof by Pres McKinley sometime on year 1900’d.

During the Presidency of the Former Holder of Form 01-10, Book no 01, Series of 1980, he paid the Land Registered Title to HE Pres Gerald Ford in the sum of Us$20,000,000,000 or 10,000 metric tons of gold bars sometime on year 1976 and it includes also the disinterest of the US Government to appeal for forfeiture their Fiscal Properties such as Wells Fargo and Co., Federal Reserve Notes, Prime Bank Notes, Chinese Liberty Bonds, Japanese Liberty Bonds and other Federal Bank Notes with certified affirmation of HE Pres Dick Cheney who appeared his hands before this Report.

By virtue thereof, Original Certificate of Title No. 779 under Survey Plan II- 4509 with measurement of more/less than 452,000 sq km. was already transferred by virtue of the Federal Agreement executed by and between Pres Gerald Ford and the Former holder and Deeds of Sale transmitted by the Former Holder for the People of the Philippine Islands represented by ASBLP Group of Company represented by HRH Prince Anthony S. Martin – Windsor and to the issue of the Original Identity of the HRH Prince Anthony S. Martin – Windsor was a male child of certain Trinidad Danganan Martin, Jr. and Teresita Santiago Martin ‘y Sanico who have married sometime on year 1971 and reformed sometime on year 1966 and any CLAIMANTS for the IDENTITY of HRH Prince Anthony S. Martin Sanico who have who affirmed via the hands of the undersigned herewith and with original thumb ink receipt of the UN Mailroom in the Philippine Islands together with a certified Registered Midwife in the name of certain Dr. Zenaida S. Geminiano, Midwife attendant for HRH print Anthony S. Martin during his birth date dated June 6, 1974 at Malabon Maternity Clinic, in the Malabon City, National Capital Region, the Philippine Islands and Birth certificate reclassified by Mr. Angelito R. Manuel, Registration Officer III for the Local Civil Registrar of the National Statistics Office Islands and Birth Certificate reclassified by Mr. Angelito R. Manuel, Registration Officer III for the Local Civil Registratrar of the National Statistics Office in Malabon Government City Premises and the approval by these Authorities to the demand by the Officers involved in the World Bank Group – Philippine Islands regarding to the request of HRH Anthony S. Martin-Windsor to deliver some Assistance to him for reestablishment of the Bank of ASBLP from his hometown in Hagonoy, Bulacan and other area.

They have aired this demand to allow Prince Martin to use the Diffused Philippine Peso Treasury Bills to the Original One as reported by HE Dir Melanio S. Torio of the National Printing Office in the Islands and to the report of HE Min. Margarito S. Teves of the Ministry of Finance, He Min. Romulo Neri of the Ministry of National Economic Development and HE Min. Peter Favila regarding to their complaint against the force of Gloria-Macapagal – Arroyo to approve the Expanded Value Added Tax that prohibit by this Court to implement and declared Null and Void by these Authorities.

Wherefore, the Court rendered Judgment to wit;

To Finally and Fully Certify the Report No. 1 and 2 and no further pleadings are allowed to entertain.
To Declare Titulo Propriedad Numero 4136 as Null and Void and no power are vested to this Title.
To Declare original Certificate of Title No. 779 of Survey Plan II-4509 with measurements given above and registered under Act No. 496 as Forever Valid.
To Archive this Report at the Archive Division of the International Court of Justice.
To instruct HRH Prince Anthony S. Martin-Windsor to mention his Philippine Peso Serial Portion to be delivered for some his Ministries.

This further forever declared and certified Valid and Authentic upon Receipt and return to the Un Resident Office by HRH Prince Anthony S. Martin- Windsor

Sealed at the Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands this 1st day of February, 2006 by

HE. Pres Shi Juyong – The International Court of Justice

Concurred by:

HE Sec. Gen Jean Marc De La Sabliere – The United Nation Organization

HE Pres. Paul Wolfowitz – The World Bank Group

HE Pres Dick Cheney – The United States of America

HE Pres Judge Philippe Kirsh – The International Criminal Court

HE Pres Kader Asmal – The Financial Action Task Force

He Sec Gen Javier Solana – The Council of the European Union

Concurred by all Justice of the ICJ and ICC, ALL Charter Organization with Diplomats of the United Nation Organization and all Foreign Presidents Worldwide.

HM, Queen Alexandra Elizabeth Mary Windsor II

Ex-officio Chairman of the Committee of 300 and Queen of England

The British Royal Family


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