Trillion dollar lawsuit exposes secret Bilderberg Gold Treaty & funding of extraterrestrial projects

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Michael E. Salla, MA., Ph.D.

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The lawsuit goes on to claim that the 145.5 billion dollars of gold contested in the lawsuit that was given to the US government, together with the additional 134.5 billion dollars seized in the Chiasso incident, was only a small percentage of the total gold held by China’s nationalist government, or the Kuomintang. The total was estimated to be “thousands of trillions” in value – which seems like an impossibly high estimate given current knowledge of world gold reserves. According to Wikipedia, 165,000 tons of gold are known to exist – at the current market price of $1700 per ounce, this comes out to approximately 10 trillion U.S. dollars. Thousands of trillions would be gold reserves of approximately 20 million metric tons or more.

Whatever the total value of gold acquired during the millennia of China’s dynastic rulers it is reasonable to believe that much of it was successfully hidden from Japan, and subsequently taken out of mainland China by the Kuomintang prior to the Communist takeover in 1949. According to Benjamin Fulford (the former Asia bureau chief for Forbes Magazine from 1998-2005 before he became a spokesperson for the Dragon Family in 2007) the gold transfer was secretly conducted by the U.S. Navy which in 1938 took possession of the gold via seven destroyers to the U.S. mainland. [6] These events occurred in conformity with the 1934 Gold Act and President Roosevelt’s 1933 Executive Order (6102) which prohibited private ownership of gold, and instructed private citizens to sell all their gold to the Federal Reserve Bank at a prescribed rate of $20.67.

Here is how the lawsuit describes the actual transfer of the gold and roles played by the U.S. Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury in issuing the financial instruments that were eventually seized near Chiasso, Switzerland:

… following the promulgation in 1934 of the Gold Reserve Act, the law required all bullion gold and gold coin to be surrendered to the Federal Reserve … Foreign Gold held by the Treasury was also surrendered to and thus leased to the Federal Reserve, which resulted in the issuance of the series of 1934 Notes by the Federal Reserve. These Dragon Family FRNs have never been redeemed and, upon information and belief, the accrued interest was met by the subsequent issue of certain 1968 series of Kennedy Bonds. [7]

The lawsuit then goes on to explain how Swiss banks acted as intermediaries:

… this gold was documented into accounts through the Union Bank of Switzerland, placed under protection of the Swiss Attorney General, registered through the Swiss National Bank into the Bank for International Settlements (“BIS”) International Collateral Combined accounts and then from within the BIS, blocked to form the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts of the Federal Reserve System. [8]

Most important was the procedure for redeeming the Federal Reserve notes which the lawsuit describes:

… in order to effectuate this process, the Notes were printed to appear as if they were not produced from official origin and bear obvious imperfections, therefore easily deniable. However, when proper procedures are followed, the number of the Note and other linking identic data allows ultimate authentication and verification through the Federal Reserve System screening process… [9]

This apparently was why original press reports of the 134.5 billion seized at Chiasso concluded they were forgeries.

The lawsuit describes the owners of the Federal Reserve bonds as follows:

The Dragon Family is, in fact, a highly secretive and informal organization that operates between old families within China and Taiwan, above the political divide of the two independent Chinese Governments. [10]

Later in the lawsuit, the “old families” are described as “group of Asians of royal blood known as the Dragon Family” – the remnants of China’s former Celestial Kingdom. [11] The Dragon Family initially wanted to protect the gold reserves entrusted to them from Japan and later communist authorities. Currently headed by a mysterious General Haan, the Dragon Family had unsuccessfully attempted to redeem the bonds over several years through their signatory Yamaguchi. The Dragon Family subsequently appointed Neil Keenan to take charge of the Bonds in early 2009 with the purpose of lawfully redeeming them for “a wide range of global humanitarian purposes.”

At a certain point in complex negotiations, Keenan instructed the two Japanese citizens – Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe acting as couriers for “The Dragon Family” – to transport the bonds to the proper Swiss banking authorities for their ultimate redemption. The detention of Watanabe and Yamagushi, and confiscation of the 134.5 billion in bonds by the Italian financial police on the border town of Chiasso, according to the lawsuit, was part of an elaborate attempt to steal the bonds entrusted to Keenan by a host of actors. This leads to the core claim of the lawsuit which involves the second set of financial instruments with a face value of 145.5 billion dollars, that was given to one of the defendants Daniel Dal Bosco in September 2009. The lawsuit explains:

The DFFI [Dragon Family Financial Instruments] had been entrusted to Keenan in early 2009 by the Dragon Family. Months thereafter, in September 2009, Keenan was fraudulently induced through the conspiratorial actions and schemes of the Defendents to transfer and entrust the DFFI for temporary safekeeping and custodianship to defendant Daniele Dal Bosco (p.9). In addition to Dal Bosco, the Office of International Treasure Control and its principal officers, the named targets of the lawsuit include the Italian Financial Police, the Italian government and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the World Economic Forum and its banking head, Giancarlo Bruno, the United Nations and its Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.



The Secret Gold Treaty & 1954 Bilderberg Meeting

Regardless of the controversy over ownership of Federal Reserve bonds behind the trillion dollar lawsuit, both Keenan/Dragon Family and Sale/OITC agree over the bonds’ authenticity. Most importantly, both parties agree that the bonds were issued by the US Federal Reserve bank against gold reserves leased to it during the Second World War era. The national gold reserves of nationalist China, in Keenan’s/Dragon Family lawsuit version of historic events (somewhere in the range from one to 20 million tons); or the gold of most of the worlds exiled royal families in the Sale/OITC version of events (two million tons) dwarf in size the known world gold reserves of 165,000 tons. The most telling fact to emerge from the lawsuit is that the vast majority of the world’s gold has been hidden away from public knowledge and scrutiny for decades. As David Guyatt explains it back in 2000:

… the full story of the nature of gold has yet to be told, and my guess is that it will remain hermetically sealed amongst the few for a very long time to come. Two things are certain, however. The historical official mining figures for gold are patently false and have been knowingly fabricated and thrust on an unsuspecting public. Second, and leading on from this, it is, therefore, evident that gold is not at all rare. Current statistics show above- ground stocks of the metal to total about 140,000 metric tones. The reality is far, far higher and, in all probability, is well in excess of one million tonnes. I doubt anyone really knows for certain, owing to the fact that so much is still buried in the Philippines and elsewhere in Southeast Asia that tallying it all up is impossible – even to this day. [19]

his historic gold deception can only have been achieved by the concerted efforts of central banks with the approval of senior government officials from around the world in order to manipulate national monetary policies. Guyatt succinctly describes the situation:

As we shall see, it is almost certainly the case that these “others” are a group of nations who were party to a secret agreement to exert control over plundered World War II gold and other assets and to ensure these did not enter the banking system or otherwise be utilised without such nations’ approval. [20]

After reviewing a number of documents describing the movement of Gold, David Guyatt concludes that the secret agreement happened in 1954:

In the light of the foregoing, it is hard not to conclude that some form of “secret treaty” may well have been signed in 1954 that involved the recovery of World War II plunder — both European and Asian — and that a portion of it was subsequently used in US military and intelligence “black operations.” [21]

As to where this secret treaty was negotiated and even signed Guyatt settles on the first ever Bilderburg meeting:

Whatever else might have happened in 1954 … one event cannot be overlooked. This was the first ever meeting of the Bilderberg group during 29-31 May 1954. That first meeting was dominated by American, British and then German participants who filled 36 of the available 67 slots. [22]

The 1954 Bilderberg meeting had multiple reasons to convene. The public justification was that it was held to promote political and economic cooperation between Europe and North America as the best defense to what was now perceived as the long term threat of communism. To that end, prominent business and political leaders have been regularly invited to Bilderberg Group on an annual basis to discuss ways of coordinating national policies and anticipating global trends. The annual meetings of some of the worlds most powerful public figures has naturally led to much curiosity over the Bilderberg Group’s origins and goals. Here is how best selling author Daniel Estulin describes the Bilderberg Group:

In 1954, the most powerful men in the world met for the time under the auspices of the Dutch royal crown and the Rockefeller family at the luxurious Hotel Bilderberg in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek. For an entire weekend, they debated the future of the world. When it was over, they decide to meet once every year to exchange ideas and analyze international affairs. They named themselves the Bilderberg Group. [23]

Estulin goes on to conclude that since 1954, the Bilderberg Group has become a shadow world government:

… they have gathered yearly in a luxurious hotel somewhere in the world to try to decide the future of humanity … the Bilderberg Group has grown beyond its idealistic beginnings to become a shadow world government, which decides in total secrecy at annual meetings how their plans are to be carried out. They threaten to take away our right to direct our own destinies. [24]

Among the many notable individuals involved with Bilderberg Group meetings over the decades since its formation, Estulin gives special mention to the role of Henry Kissinger who was a protégé of the Rockefeller brothers. Estulin describes some of Kissinger’s work for the Rockefellers and the Bilderberg Group since the 1960s:

As far back as the mid-1960s, the Bilderbergers placed Kissinger in charge of a small group consisting of James Schlesinger, Alexander Haig and Daniel Ellsberg. Working with them was the Institute of Policy Studies chief theoretician, Noam Chomsky…. In the ‘60s, Kissinger’s team and Chomsky were creating the “New Left: as a grassroots movement in the U.S. to engender strife and unrest. [25]

Later in the 1970s, Estulin describes Kissinger’s role in the removal of President Nixon:

Kissinger was responsible for brainwashing and confusing President Niexon… With Nixon’s resignation, the Bilderbergs finally saw “their president, Gerald Ford, move into the White House. The New World Order’s yes man took direct orders from Henry Kissinger, an agent of David Rockefeller, a servant to the Bilderbergers. [26]

While Estulin identifies some of the Bilderberg Group’s key players, he only captures the surface layer of the Bilderberg Group’s origins and goals.

The deeper secret justification for the Bilderberg Group’s creation was to encourage global cooperation in response to a perceived long term threat known to the key actors in forming the Bilderberg Group: the Rockefeller brothers; Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands; and a key Rockefeller protégé, Henry Kissinger. This long term threat was only shared on a need-to-know basis, and emanated from World War II events involving Nazi Germany’s advanced technology programs. Events which Nelson Rockefeller and Kissinger were deeply involved – the existence of extraterrestrial life and technology.


Bilderberg Group and global Manhattan Project

The main task of the Bilderberg Group was to coordinate the developed nations of the world so that any information gained by any nation pertaining to extraterrestrial life and technology was to be sent to the right place for research and development. A highly secretive second Manhattan project that had begun in the United States under President Truman to deal with the extraterrestrial presence was expanded to include other nations in a globally coordinated effort. Eisenhower’s election in November 1952, offered his chief supporters, the Rockefeller Family, the opportunity to have greater corporate involvement in the now secret ‘global’ Manhattan Project.

Nelson (left) & David Rockefeller

The Rockefeller brothers (Nelson and David) along with Henry Kissinger, were instrumental in shaping the Eisenhower government’s response to the extraterrestrial presence using Cold War covert operations as a cover, and helping set up the Bilderberg Group for that purpose. The Bilderberg Group would meet to coordinate national policies so that humanity would have the best chance of surviving the challenges posed by visitation of different extraterrestrial factions with unknown agendas.

A vital part of the Bilderberg Group agenda was to ensure that the global media and national legislatures would not learn about the extraterrestrial presence, or of the coordinated national contributions to a globally coordinated Manhattan Project. Funding a global Manhattan Project, let alone the U.S. element that was at its core would be a monumental task. The global Manhattan Project would cost hundreds of billions in the 1950s, and eventually grow to trillions to fund each year. It would have to be funded in a way that the mass media and national legislatures would not discover what was happening. More importantly, a funding mechanism would need to be found that was reliable and could last for decades if some of the more conventional sources were exposed and/or dried up.

Funding the global Manhattan Project entirely through national budgets would not work since the enormous sums required would be too obvious for any scrutinizing expenditures by public institutions. National budgets could only supply a portion of the total funds committed by any nation to the global Manhattan project. [40] Nor would funding the global Manhattan project entirely from corporations controlled by political and social elites from around the world suffice. Company shareholders would revolt if too much money disappeared for development purposes into unknown corporate programs thereby threatening dividends and stock value. While extraterrestrial technologies offered fantastic possibilities for future revenue, the market release of these were subject to national security concerns that would override company profit sheets. Even the largest multinational corporations where in no position to commit billions of dollars for research and development purposes without any timetable for when their investments would see the light of day in a market release.

The most plausible long term funding mechanism would have to be hidden or “black” in the sense that it was not part of the publicly identified revenue belonging to national governments or major multinational corporations. The solution would be to significantly expand the “unofficial” black budget that had been created during the Truman administration by the creation of the CIA. The CIA is unique among U.S. departments in that it can receive or transmit revenue between U.S. departments without regard to law:

… any other Government agency is authorized to transfer to or receive from the Agency such sums without regard to any provisions of law limiting or prohibiting transfers between appropriations [emphasis added]. Sums transferred to the Agency in accordance with this paragraph may be expended for the purposes and under the authority of sections 403a to 403s of this title without regard to limitations of appropriations from which transferred. [41]

Basically, the 1949 CIA Act gave the CIA the legal cover to launder money through different government departments and agencies. The CIA immediately began setting up a host of unconventional funding sources for its covert operations.

Over the decades, the CIA’s unofficial black budget would grow spectacularly to where in the years 1998-2000, an average of 1.7 trillion dollars was being funneled into the U.S. Department of Defense for funding the deep black projects set up to deal with extraterrestrial presence. What follows is a table summarizing the accounting irregularities found in the Dept of Defense which are the tell-tale signs of CIA money laundered through the DoD for deep black projects and covert operations.

Table 1. Department of Defense (DoD) – Unsupported Accounting Entries 1998-2000

Fiscal Year Unsupported Entries USD Source Highlighted Quotes
2000 1.1 trillion Office of Inspector General, Audit “Of the $4.4 trillion in department-level accounting entries, $2.8 trillion were supported with proper research, reconciliation, and audit trails. However, department-level accounting entries of $1.1 trillion were unsupported or improper.” [42]
1999 2.3 trillion Office of Inspector General, Audit “… department-level accounting entries of $2.3 trillion were made to force financial data to agree with various sources of financial data without adequate research and reconciliation, were made to force buyer and seller data to agree in preparation for eliminating entries, did not contain adequate documentation and audit trails, or did not follow accounting principles.” [43]
1998 1.7 trillion Inspector General Statement “… final statements were more untimely than ever and a record $1.7 trillion of unsupported adjustments were made in preparing the statements.” [44]

The funding strategies used by the CIA, siphoning off appropriations from different Federal Departments, setting up front companies, insider trading, the illicit drug trade, and money laundering were not a long term solution for funding the global Manhattan Project. If any of these funding methods were publicly exposed or dried up in some way, the Global Manhattan Project could be at risk. Nor were the CIA’s funding methods easily transferable to the intelligence agencies of other nations. So a more long term global funding mechanism was developed at the first ever Bilderberg Group meeting. This is the Secret Gold Treaty first exposed by David Guyatt in 2000, and linked to the Bilderberg Group’s establishment.

The enormous sums of gold that had been hoarded and moved during the Second World War into different locations in Asia, Switzerland and South America offered an almost unlimited means of international funding for a globally coordinated Manhattan Project.

The Bilderberg Group was the forum whereby the Secret Gold Treaty was negotiated and implemented so that a global Manhattan Project in response to the extraterrestrial presence could be funded for decades, if not centuries, without the general public learning of its existence. Guyatt reached a similar conclusion about the purpose of the Gold Treaty negotiated in 1954, most likely at the Bilderberg conference:

In the light of the foregoing, it is hard not to conclude that some form of “secret treaty” may well have been signed in 1954 that involved the recovery of World War II plunder — both European and Asian — and that a portion of it was subsequently used in US military and intelligence “black operations.” [45]

Guyatt claims that in 1972, another secret meeting occurred to formalize the 1954 meeting given changes in the international system with the growing international prominence of Asian economies:

The answer to this enigma appears to reside in a secret meeting held in 1972 in which 48 nations (or representatives from 48 nations) participated that formalized an earlier informal agreement (dare I say a “Secret Treaty?”) to control and “use” the metal plundered during World War II. By all accounts, bullion banks, central banks, and also refineries have since joined in this arrangement and have formed an unofficial “club” to police and control the black gold that they henceforward designated as being on “vacation.” [46]

Basically, as Guyatt first revealed, the amount of publicly known and tradable gold would be contrived by deflating the amount of historically mined gold to the current estimate of 165 thousand tons. In reality, the amount of “black gold” greatly exceeded this by as much as a factor of a 100 or even more. Keeping Asia’s and Europe’s “black gold” off the books would offer a cache of gold that could be moved, traded and/or liquidated in ways that would generate enormous sums for different national intelligence agencies. According to Guyatt:

The amalgamated pool of funds created and now held in dormant and orphaned bank accounts runs to trillions of dollars, according to insiders. At the low end of estimates, there is believed to be enough to pay off the US national debt plus some change. At the higher end, estimates range up to hundreds of trillions of dollars. I have been repeatedly told, almost matter-of-factly, that the higher estimates are closer to the truth. I simply don’t know how big the sums amount to, but I can document US$12 trillion. [47]

The CIA and other developed world intelligence agencies would cooperate with the political and economic elites of different nations under the auspices of the Bilderberg Group to ensure these enormous sums were directed into the global Manhattan project.

The trillion dollar lawsuit introduced to the New York District court involves only a small portion of what are large caches of “black gold” hidden in Taiwan, China, Philippines, South America, Switzerland and elsewhere. Whenever the rightful owners, their descendents or representatives, attempt to redeem the bonds issued against their gold, they get caught up in a complex legal process that often results in charges of financial fraud. This is what has happened with the Chiasso incident, as well as a second set of financial instruments fraudently taken months later in September 2009, which is the core claim of the New York lawsuit. David Guyatt described a similar incident that occurred in the 1990s in his ebook, The Secret Gold Treaty. Ownership of the majority of black gold, however, is unclear due to the twists and turns of history’s wars where national treasures were looted and hidden in secret locations by invading forces. This historical process has made “black gold” ideal collateral for long-term funding of a secret global Manhattan Project where bonds can be issued against the hidden gold by major financial institutions. Organizations such as the Bilderberg Group help coordinate international efforts to fund this global project through black gold and other available funding revenues created by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The ultimate goal of this globally coordinated Manhattan Project is to comprehensively deal with extraterrestrial life and technology, the vastness and complexity of which would otherwise dwarf the resources of any one nation.

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