BANQUE D´ORIENT – A donation that will save Greece

Posted: September 13, 2014 in ΕΥΡΩΠΗ, WORLD VIEWER
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I came across an amazing story and i would like to share it with all of you.

A news site that i usually read has this article about a donation made by a Greek family to the state and all the Greeks.

At the beginning of last century, in 1904, the National Bank of Greece founded the “Bank of the Orient”, commonly known as the «Banque d ‘Orient». The bank was subsequently developed in three main areas. Salonika, Smyrna and Alexandria. In 1932 the “East Bank” bought and merged with the parent of National Bank of Greece.

The shares were in gold and guarantor of any such stock was and still is… the Bank of France.

The refugees from Ionia, Cappadocia, the Caucasus, who eventually called for liquidation of the shares held by bank employees heard, especially after 1940 to respond to how the bills had no longer any value. The matter was forgotten. Some grandmothers and grandfathers some from Asia Minor had kept some of those shares in the chests. Others in the lockers until, forty of them appeared suddenly. Holder is a family from Patras .

The family took the shares to the National bank of Greece and the bank informs them in September 2010,that the shares hold no value.The family doesn’t give up.They contact experts on banking issues and legal and economic factors.

And here’s the surprise for the family.Mr. Theodore Karyotis is professor of economics at the University of Maryland in the U.S. and teaches Macroeconomics, International Economic Relations and microeconomics. He had gone to the valuation of shares. The conclusion is cuff. Each share of gold “Bank of East” now valued at 670 billion each. One and a half the current debt of Greece, which amounts to 450 billion . The total value of 40 shares approaching 30 trillion euros.

So this family decided to establish a non-profit organization, the «END».They donated 4 shares(remember 670 billion each) to the state.The value of the 4 shares is sufficient to pay the debt of Greece and the accumulated debt to banks for the Greek citizens and the existence of a large reserve for economic growth(at least this is what the family wants).

Too good to be true?Yes this is what i thought myself.Up to now there is no official response to this by the goverment or any politician and all the major Greek news sites and channels haven’t reported this yet.A few blogs and the site i will link only have the story.

Source in Greek

I am afraid that they will cover up the story and the money will be lost.But if this happens according to the family’s plans i have one thing to say:

Eat your heart out IMF.



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