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This is great.  Citizens arrest under the “Common Law Courts” because the regular civil and criminal system within these countries has been compromised at both the law enforcement police and judges level.  They formed a Direct action investigators who actually exist legally.   Apparently Canada has passed legislation that is called “Citizens Arrest” law.  They even mention governments as being part of the criminal side of this and due process having been followed by the Common law system.Under Common Law, if there is a threat to somebody, you are allowed to break the law, if it results in the common good.  He says that the common law  investigators emails had been intercepted by provocateurs and they mention NSA, and that makes sense to me, because NSA put up a huge facility in Israel, which means they are also monitoring what is going on in the USA and elsewhere,  implying some government involvement in all of this.

Many of those that wanted to come forward and cooperate, were killed.   Remember, Israel leaders are khazars and Satanists, and the Bohemian grove, according to Kathy O’Brien is where ritual sexual abuse of children and murder of those children has taken place.  She was witness to it more than once.  We posted a blog about it with a video interview she did.

Because of the success of this common law investigation, there has been a backing off of the child ritual murders, out of fear of being caught, which has saved the lives of children.  Annett says they will need to mobilize the community in dealing with this and stopping these crimes from happening.   These children are being sacrificed in the thousands.

It makes sense when you realize that just in the US alone there are 900,000 missing children.  That is almost a million of them.  When there was only 189,000 back in the 80’s we had posters everywhere, TV sponsored calls and photos of the children asking people to report having seen them, and we had milk cartons with photos of these children on them.   Today with 8 times the number missing there is NOTHING, no milk cartons, no press, nothing. Why?

What I am getting is that there is a growing desire to by pass the current system that is obviously not working,  and replacing, the system with the peoples created common law systems.  I would love to get a copy of that bill Canada passed which is a Citizens Arrest law.  We could do that here.  Its making a huge difference on those coming forward to spill what they know because they feel they will be safe.

This interview also deals with the attacks going on against the Common law system, including attacks on their funding as well as attacks against the replacement system, since the normal system is riddled with agents of these cults.  So, its not working and something had to take its place.

Annett has been involved in all of this and says that we can do the same thing, but we must get our communities involved or it won’t work.  They have to not only support it, but actively participate in it.  Our system used to be based on common law, but once our government was corporatized, it changed to a contract law system.  That is for another discussion.  Here is one site for educating ourselves so we can do the same thing.   And here is another one that is a training manual.

Lets email our reps that we know give a damn and ask them to check out the Canadian system and Belgium which is where the common law court is located, and see about starting this ourselves, by harassing our congress people and senators to start acting like our representatives and DO SOMETHING about all this by passing a common law court system here, for the people to take charge and stop all this horror going on.  Also, do not forget, “THIS IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE” and its time we stepped up and chose sides to this.  It must be stopped for the sake of the children.

We also did a blog about  Georgia Senator Schaffer who tried to investigate CPS who were pimping for higher up officials, she was going international with all of this and she was killed, we also posted a blog on Andre Levays son who signed a sworn affidavit saying he saw high up officials in a suburb of Denver at a castle ritualistically sexually abusing children and murdering babies and drinking their blood.

That affidavit stands as fact unless proven wrong.  So far no one has tried to prove it wrong.  Andre Levay was the founder of the Church of Satan, and his son was brought with him to all these events, and that is why, at 10 years of age, he was subjected to watching all of this.  He eventually rejected his fathers church and became a Christian and minister.  No wonder these satanists kill Christians in the millions whenever they take over somewhere. They are the biggest threat to them. (There will be a follow up to this when Annett gets back from Montreal.)

Child sacrifice in Montreal disrupted, arrests made [Video]

Breaking Interview: Child sacrifice in Montreal disrupted, arrests made
Posted on August 17, 2014

VIDEO – Kevin Annett: ITCCS takes down Satanic child sacrifice. Exposes Cargill, Sinclair Oil execs, Montreal Bishop & McGill University.

VANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre from Kitchner, ON, Kevin Annett, field Secretary of the International Common Law Court of Justice disclosed that an August 15, 2014 takedown by trained Court Direct Action Units of a planned Satanic child sacrifice ritual in Montreal, QC resulted in the arrest of two Satanic Ninth Circle cult participants in the planned crime, as well as the exposure of participants Cargill Corporation executive Kerry Brick and Sinclair Oil, Ltd executive Stephen Holding, as well as an as yet unnamed Bishop of Montreal.

The two children to be used at the Satanic sacrifice are apparently being held at McGill University. As of this writing ITCCS interrogations of the two Ninth Circle cult participants in an effort to uncover the location of the children held at McGill for sacrifice, as well as more details about Ninth Circle operations in Montreal and elsewhere.

Child Sacrificial Cult Disrupted, Arrests made in Montreal
Posted on August 16, 2014

Public Announcement of the Central Command of the Direct Action Units established by the International Common Law Court of Justice
Global Communique No. 2: August 16, 2014 – Brussels

Striking in the early hours of Friday, August 15, one of our trained Direct Action Units (DAU) in Montreal, Canada successfully disrupted the preparations for a child sacrificial cult ritual at a private residence in the fashionable Outremont district.

In the course of the action and under the authority of warrants issued by the Court, the DAU arrested two cult members who are being held in protective custody prior to their questioning and possible indictment before the Court.
The DAU Commander who headed the action​ has​ issued the following report to our Central Office:

“At 0700 hours EST ​yesterday​, 15 August,​ our Alpha team moved into action against the private residence in Outremont​, Quebec​ that has been under surveillance by us since 4 August. We met no opposition or resistance from the single armed security guard at the said residence, who was immediately detained along with a male cult employee engaged in preparations for the upcoming midnight ritual.

“Under questioning, the private security guard identified the location of the ritual as within a small sub-basement chamber that was reconnoitered and filmed by our team. The chamber included two small prison cells with wall shackles, and a central sound proof chamber containing a stone altar awash with apparent blood stains that were sampled and bagged for analysis. An adjoining room held locked cabinets containing considerable child pornographic material, articles of children’s clothing that was bagged for analysis, metallic torture devices, ceremonial swords, and sophisticated film equipment.

“The male cult employee in our custody refused to answer any of our questions, but in the course of our action a second cult member arrived at the residence and was detained. This member, an older woman, was very unnerved by our presence and combat attire. She therefore admitted to the upcoming ritual that evening and identified three of its participants: a ‘local catholic bishop’ whom she refused to name, a Cargill corporation executive named Kerry Brick, and an American named Stephen Holding from Sun Valley, Idaho, apparently with Sinclair Oil, Ltd.

“This informant also claimed that the two children to be used at the midnight ritual were being held at a separate facility at McGill University, but she ​claimed not to know where. She said that the normal procedure was to deliver them in a drugged condition just before the ritual began, for security reasons. Finally, she confirmed that the cult members describe themselves as part of the Ninth Circle society​ and claim they all carry tattoos with a cult insignia of the said Ninth Circle.​

“Our team restrained all three prisoners and locked down the premises, while taking more videos and samples from the underground chamber. We then secured a ​covert ​perimeter in ​the neighbourhood in ​anticipation of the arrival of the cult participants and their victims. Unfortunately​,​ ​although we maintained our vigil until well after midnight, ​no-one else arrived at the premises for the rest of that day and evening. We must assume that the participants were somehow alerted to our presence and aborted the ritual.

“The security guard in our custody was released by us after he proved that he had been retained in a private commercial capacity. The two cult members are being held in our DAU prison facility in Montreal prior to their questioning by the Court Prosecutor and his Canadian affiliates. All samples and film we obtained are in transit to Brussels headquarters for analysis.”

​”We are maintaining our covert surveillance on these cult premises in Outremont until further orders are received from Central Command.
DAU Alpha Team Commander, Montreal 1​6​/08/​20​14”

Supplementary Report of the Action at Pro Cathedral, Ireland by DAU Beta Team:

“Our DAU Beta Team in Dublin, Ireland encountered no ritualistic activity at the Cathedral at the time and date reported by our two Diocese informants. The latter claim that the ritual was either cancelled or moved to another location, but could not confirm anything more. 

However, the identity of a Ninth Circle adherent in Dublin was shared by one of the Diocese informants: a priest named Damien ​O’Reilly who is an assistant to the acting head of the catholic church in Ireland, Dublin Archbishop Dermot Martin.

DAU Beta Team is continuing its surveillance procedures at the Pro Cathedral and other reported cult centres in Ireland, and is assisting the Common Law Court being established in Galway to investigate the apparent ritual slaying of babies at the catholic facility in Tuam.”

The Court is proceeding to authorize further follow up actions by our DAU’s at other child sacrificial centres in Rome, Canada, the United States, Ireland, England, Belgium and Holland.​ Updates are forthcoming.​

CC-DAU Communique No. 2
Issued 16/08/2014​ ​
DAU Central Command Office



The Synagogue of Satan

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