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Germany doesn’t want to pay reparations for the physical and financial destruction committed during Nazi Germany’s occupation of Greece nor for a forced loan

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

I worry about your well-being. What kind of  corrupt German colony did the USA become to let you suffer innocent behind bars only because inhumane and still antisemitic Germany wants it so?

BTW, Greece has a big problem with dead-beat Germany as it doesn’t want to pay its forced loan back to Greece.

Isn’t that typical for Germany? Paying not at all – or as little as possible – and only if it is very convenient for them – and only if it pays right back to Germany…


During the Nazi time, Germany occupied Greece for four years and plundered the country. Typical German, they steal everything. Gold, art, children…


Germany said  last Monday  that there is “zero chance” of it paying World War II reparations to Greece. Germany says that the Greek government agreed to a treaty signed 25 years ago that “wrapped up” all such claims against Germany. So, based on this, Germany does not want to make repayments to Greece.


You likely know this: during the Nazi operations, Greece was forced by Germany to give it a no interest loan, which would be today approx. 95 billion with 3% interest. Typical for Germany that it wants to command Europe but not paying that money back – not even to its members. It is like the 3rd Reich all over. I saw pictures of Greeks protesting today saying: “We are not a German colony!” And they are right. Germany still does with other countries what it wants.


I guess, a court will determine if Germany has to pay that cash back to Greece. If that loan is considered “war”-damage, then they don’t get it because of that “agreement”. I know that this very friendly German agreement was obtained because Germany used its international secret service agents and ear-implants to get such deals. But if Germany gets convicted being the mastermind of manipulations by means of this secret service tool, Greece has great chances to win that money back, provided that the court that rules on the matter is no longer controlled by German ear implants. Otherwise, Greece will get nothing.

Marty, I think that Greece should prove that this Nazi-friendly ”treaty” was signed becauseGermany’s


psychiatrists/mindcontrollers (same old Nazis as ever) worked the officials with loud orders and/or silent sounds to get still existing Nazi Germany the cheapest and easiest way out. A treaty/contract obtained by bribing or mindcontrolling the parties to obtain advantages should be void, and all of Germany’s victims should be entitled to get adequate repayment.

Germany owes restitution to any country and person/family that it harmed and shouldn’t get away with not paying for all its horrors.


Greece doesn’t need to become communistic to stand up against Germany. Communism this is the other secret German “philosophy” and movement. Greece has a lot going for itself and can stand as its own democratic and independent country. However, legally convicting Germany on how it got off so cheap (using ear implants to ensure that a Nazi-friendly treaty was signed instead of a just treaty) could resolve some Greece’s problems.


Here is some of the horror that Greece, their Jews, and non-Jews suffered under the Nazis. Besides the many Jewish Greeks who died in concentration camps, 100.000 Greeks staved to death. The Nazis also forbade them to fish, and most certainly not to cause fish no pain. I am convinced that the starvation of them was deliberate. What I see is that the Germans ordered the Italians to fight the Greeks first so that the Greeks and their resources are already exhausted when the Germans move in to win.


Germany also avoided to pay what they really owe the world with a very German-friendly treaty that was concluded in London. It significantly contributed to the growth of the post-war German economy and as world economic power. It allowed Germany to enter international economic/institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization.


Typical German, they hurried to conclude this “treaty” in 1953 before President Eisenhower could resume the office of the U.S. President.


Germany was contracted to pay some money (67 million DM) to the families of Nazi victims. One DM had the  approx. value of USD 0.58 cents. 67,000 Greek Jews were killed by the Germans. Families of 67,000 killed Greek Jews and other minorities received together only 67 million German Marks, in other words, just approx. USD 33,000 million for so many thousands. Ridiculously low reparation for mass-murder and destroyed families and lives. Anyone should see how little non-German human life and suffering is worth to Germany.


Germany installed ear-implants in just about any person on Earth. How can any treaty or contract be valid with Germany using this ear-implant system to its advantage? They only paid a little bit because that helped them fooling gullible people to think that Germany changed. Same time, they sabotaged the economy of other countries, made the world buy German mostly. Germany jumped right on top of Europe a very few decades later but also revived the Neo-Nazis at the same time in Germany and all over the world. They annexed all of Europe with Germany getting the best deals of course and control over Europe. It is easy to make payments when one knows that these payments and a lot more will float right back into the pockets of Germany.


According to above article, the USA invested a lot in Germany. If Americans wouldn’t have German controlled ear-implants, they would not have invested into Germany but rather in other countries. Did Germany paid all these US investors back? How and how much?


Germany “paid the USA generously back” with psychiatric conditioning of the September 11 terrorist cell in Hamburg and having them fly into the twin towers and the Pentagon and with other atrocities.


The Eastern Bloc was not involved in above described Nazi Germany-friendly “treaty”, which means that these countries still have claims against East and West Germany?


As Germany provoked WWI too, it had to pay 16 billion Marks of debt resulting from the Treaty of Versailles after World War I, which they avoided to pay too. And was this amount properly calculated and paid back to governments and private banks in the U.S., France and Britain? No penny was paid to individuals and families that were harmed or lost family members, I guess. If Germany pays something, they want it back. Germany is now on top of the EU, which means that whatever they paid to France and Britain is theirs again, and the USA does everything what Germany orders, including separating us, Marty. Whatever the USA got from the Germany, it is wasted again to bring Germany up and the USA down. Traitors.


And how much money from American banks went back to Germany to bail German banks out? Germany always knows how to get their money back, don’t they?


The Marshall Plan was another Germany-controlled program to shovel more US money in the greedy and still existing German Nazi pockets.


And have a look at this: “Another 16 billion marks represented postwar loans by the U.S. Under the London Debts Agreement of 1953, the repayable amount was reduced by 50% to about 15 billion marks and stretched out over 30 years, and compared to the fast-growing German economy were of minor impact.” Duh! With ear-implants in all people, Germany manipulates that its economy booms and that of the USA not so much and that American money is wasted in wars that all basically benefits Germany. Germany gets richer and the USA poorer and more hated.


American taxpayers really should protest that a secretly German-run US governments shovel their cash to Germany or waste it away upon German ear-implant orders in the ears of corrupt officials and  members of Congress. How can they not see it?


Oh look, more special treatment for the Nazis:  An important term of the agreement was that repayments were only due while West Germany ran a trade surplus, and that repayments were limited to 3% of export earnings. How Nazi-friendly and convenient! USA won’t put those Nazis under any stress, won’t they?


Yep, Germany takes over the world and the world allows Germany it to step all over it.  The world is like France during the 2nd WW: no real resistance.


Germany is preparing itself to become World’s power no. 1, and the world is too mind-controlled to see what it is getting itself into.


With those ear-implants, it is so easy for Germany to make the world invest into Germany and pay them all that money right back and more and corrupt other countries and keep them down. And they also continue to sit on a Billion worth of stolen Jewish art and they don’t give it back. Only to Switzerland and they plan to get these values back from Switzerland after they “contracted” Switzerland into accepting Germany/EU as its official master and makes it join the Grossdeutsche Reich of the 21rst Century. Germany wants all that cash in Swiss banks. And no other country has a true saying. If a non-German EU official occupies a EU position, he/she will do what Germans talk into her/his ear implants.


Germany annexed 28 countries including Luxembourg with all the Scientology Sea Org reserves under the cover of the EU. Yesterday in the USA, Merkel “represented” all of EU (despite Greek’s protests) and not just Germany. Germany unfair to all countries even EU’s member states is considering itself as the leader of EU, and shame on the USA and the rest of then world having allowed this.


All Germany has to do is to arrange that willing pro Germany agents gain political posts and sign pro-German contracts. Ear-implants make it happen. Very easy sailing for Germany.


In short, no treaty is legally valid if Germany used their international agents and criminal means to obtain it. And they did. Ear-implants is the secret German holy cow, and they use it to their advantage every day in any country.


I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Always at your side.






Thousands of civilians, even unborn children, have been killed by the extermination  Orders of Ukrainian regime. All this, with the strong support in particular Germany, which drags across the EU as complicit in the crime.

See now the document to understand who PROFIT from the slaughter of nations:


















Fourteen years after the Berlin Wall fell,

Germany is still chasing vast sums of money that went missing when communism imploded in the east.

Simon Burnett follows the money trail to find out how the funds were siphoned off.

Erich Honecker

Rudolfine Steindling is a grim-faced 69-year-old relic of a bygone era when orders were carried out unquestioningly and decisions from above were not challenged. Steindling was a faithful servant of the political party which for 40 years imposed an iron Stalinist rule on East Germany.But that is not how Steindling, known as “Red Fini”, sees it. She maintains she acted not for the East German state but for the Austrian Communist Party.

The dispute is about money, which is one of the major unresolved issues dating from the collapse of communist East Germany. The united Germany lays claim to the assets of the East German state-run economy, which was privatised after 1989.

But East German officials used the chaos of the state’s disintegration in 1989 and 1990 as a smokescreen to transfer huge amounts to the safety of banks around the world.

They hived off cash from communist front companies operating in western Europe, using complex methods to blur the money trail. They used bogus trade to boost the value of state-run companies just before German monetary union, when the assets became valued in hard West German deutsche marks instead of East Germany’s own almost valueless currency.

Shredding machines destroyed records as the East Germans kept one step ahead of investigators.

A total of EUR 1.5 million of “missing” money has been seized since 1990. About 60 court cases dealing with a total of about EUR 300 million are pending.

In 1990, a man was arrested by Interpol in Oslo when he tried to withdraw DM 70 million (EUR 35 million) from a Norwegian bank. The money was found to have been part of a tranche of DM 107 million transferred out of Germany by the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), the so-called reformed communists who succeeded the old East Berlin party.

But that money was just the tip of the iceberg. One agency estimated in 1993 that more than DM 26 billion had “disappeared”, although this is widely regarded as a conservative estimate.

In the thick of these machinations was “Red Fini”. One of the firms working in the capitalist markets of western Europe was named Novum. When it was set up in 1951 in East Berlin, its job was to obtain western goods. Later, it greased trade between East Germany and Austria. It made lots of money by granting Austrian firms the right to deal with East German firms in return for hefty commission payments.

Steindling has been the company’s proprietor since 1973. She claims it had nothing to do with East Germany but was owned by the Austrian Communist Party which, if true, would invalidate any German claims to it.

But Germany insists otherwise. It has been trying to get its hands on EUR 255 million, which is the extent of known Novum funds.

A court in Berlin has now ruled in favour of the German state. It threw out Stendling’s Austrian Communist Party claim, saying the evidence did not back it up. The decision, made on appeal, seems to have ended a case which began a decade ago.

The German government wants all the missing cash it can lay its hands on to boost the ailing eastern economy. In the decade after unification, the country pumped more than DM one trillion into the former East Germany, and continues to transfer massive amounts. With Germany in economic recession, the missing communist-era funds would relieve pressure on the treasury.

But how was it that an impoverished East Bloc state had so much money? The answer goes back to the 1960s, when the East Berlin rulers saw their economy was going nowhere. Production at the antiquated state-run factories was miserable. High quality capital goods were needed, but East Germany was not able to make them. Nor could it afford to import them from the west. In addition, many high-tech items were unavailable because they were on NATO’s Cocom list of products with possible military applications.

So the regime set up an agency called Kommerzielle Koordination, known for simplicity’s sake as KoKo. Its job was to raise hard currencies — US dollars, West German deutsche marks, French francs, pounds sterling – in any way it could, legal or illegal.

KoKo handled the lucrative sale of East German political prisoners to the West. It took over existing communist front firms operating in Western Europe, and set up new ones.

These firms bought, refined and sold oil on the world markets. They dealt in smuggled works of art. KoKo firms smuggled arms to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. They used forged documents and circuitous route to smuggle sought-after Cocom-list technology into East Germany.

Eventually, the original aim of the exercise was forgotten. East Germany’s rusted industrial belt received less and less of the money. Instead, the funds were paying for luxuries for party officials. They were also forming massive reserves so that apparatchiks and members of the Stasi secret police were able enter the capitalist world in 1990 with all the start-up capital they wanted.

How much of Novum’s money the German state will get its hands on is uncertain. In 1992 about EUR 100 million was discovered at a Swiss bank. Another EUR 25 million was seized in a raid on Steindling’s elegant villa in a suburb of Vienna.

But the whereabouts of the rest of the cash is uncertain and Steindling, in the best tradition of communist-era officials, is remaining tight-lipped.




Fourteen years after the Berlin Wall fell, Germany is still chasing vast sums of money that went missing when communism imploded in the east. Simon Burnett follows the money trail to find out how the funds were siphoned off.

Was mussten sich viele Mitstreiter an Kritik und bösen Worten anhören. Zu oft waren sachliche Auseinandersetzungen mit diesem Thema in der Schublade der abstrusen Verschwörungstheorie gesteckt worden und nun das. 


Die Wahrheit rückt unaufhörlich vor:

KanzlerakteEgon Bahr: Brand musste die Kanzlerakte unterschreiben. „Diese Kanzlerakte hatte Adenauer ebenso unterschrieben wie seine Nachfolger Ludwig Erhard, Kurt-Georg Kiesinger; und Brandt, der zunächst empört war, musste sich belehren lassen, dass er auch nicht um seine Unterschrift herumkommt“.


Die sagenumwobene Kanzlerakte, mit der sich die Regierungschefs der alten Bundesrepublik gegenüber den alliierten Mächten verpflichten mussten, hat tatsächlich existiert. 

Dies bestätigte der Vordenker der sozialliberalen Ostpolitik und enger Wertgefährte Willy Brandts, Egon Bahr, in einem Interview mit dem Monatsmagazin COMPACT (Ausgabe 4/2014, EVT 27. März).


Diese Kanzlerakte hatte Adenauer ebenso unterschrieben wie seine Nachfolger Ludwig Erhard, Kurt-Georg Kiesinger; und Brandt, der zunächst empört war, musste sich belehren lassen, dass er auch nicht um seine Unterschrift herumkommt“, so Bahr, der als Vordenker der sozialliberalen Ostpolitik und enger Wertgefährte Brandts gilt.


Bereits kurz nach der Amtsübernahme Brands habe ihm ein hoher Beamter drei Briefe an die Botschafter der USA, Frankreichs und Großbritanniens vorgelegt, in denen die Vorbehalte der Westalliierten in ihren Genehmigungsschreiben zum Grundgesetz aus dem Jahre 1949 bestätigt wurden. 

Lediglich über Angela Merkel sei definitiv bekannt, dass sie die Vorlage nicht unterzeichnen musste.


In dem Interview machte Bahr zugleich öffentlich, dass die Vorbehaltsrechte beim Beitritt beider deutscher Staaten zu den Vereinten Nationen, 1973, geltend gemacht wurden. 

„Da kamen die vier Siegermächte und verlangten von der Bundesrepublik wie auch der DDR ein Schreiben, wonach durch diesen Beitritt ihre Vorbehaltsrechte nicht beeinflusst würden“, sagte der SPD-Politiker.

Insbesondere die Vereinigten Staaten hätten die damalige Bonner Regierung auch schriftlich auf ihre begrenzte Souveränität hingewiesen. 

Im Bestätigungsschreiben der US-Regierung „stand die Formulierung, dass die Bundesregierung, also die Regierung eines besiegten Staates, ohnedies an Siegermächten nichts ändern könne“.

Andere Lügen vor der Entlarvung: Verschollenes Flugzeug muss gefunden werden. Bald künstliche Spuren?