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Artemis Sorras: I’ll tell you a fact that,… I live for the moment,….
that while seeing you all on your knees….

And although I could have showed up and have all kneeling in front of me…. “such ability-possibility I possess”…
and that is in fact exactly what “the others” wanted me to do with all their proposals and so called DEALS…
I have made my decisions and the fact “EXCITES” me…
That all “those” who you consider as “big and important”… I’ll prove to you that they’re nothing more than….”bip”…..”bip”… And all those you think are sitting in so called “high places”… they’ll come to kneel in frond of your feet.!!!
So my fellow brother and fellow ELLIN… I’ve come to pull you up from you’re kneeling position “which you are in”, and you should “NEVER” allow your self to be there….
The Ellenic genus never kneeled not even to GODs… We always stared all directly in the eyes… As a matter of fact we the Ellines even opposed the GODs (on many occasions) to find-understand our Godly strength we always bear incite us….
…so I’ll make you stand up straight and I’ll have those animals kneeling before you.!!
This fact “excites” me greatly,… I’ve made my choises… simply because it’s what I have to do.!!!
If yoy don’t realize that yet…. well it’s your FREE WILL… so it’s basically up to you… But with your right for causalıty of how you want your self to be.
If my fellow Ellines don’t want that, let them tell me just that.!!
on the other hand… I call them all to come to the “E.SY NGOs” and all together as one, decide to order me to constract their Body-Entity… and from there we’ll get-take our “freedom”…. And I’ll finance everything… And I’ll finance everything, even though my fellow Ellines have their own money but their so called managers purposely ignore it.!!
Who’ll be your tomorrows director of these assets-amounts?? How will you (the people) “tomorrow” run all this intelligently??
I have it already set up for you… come and check it with your own intellect…
[Mr Sorra thank you for….]…
I – we all want a complete change… the “ELLINON STATE”.!! That’s a fact which I-we all will complete (no matter what and no matter the cost) so let’s do it and….
At least even though there’s no chance of failure… It’ll be our own responsibility, our own choice.!! …Basically EVERYTHING else has failed, everywhere-anyhow.!!
ALL HAVE FAILED… dogmas – political parties – ideologies…

THE WHOLE PLANET HAS FAILED and is BANK ROBBED and all Countries on it are dying..!!
So tell me which Country is in good state?? Which one has a good prosperous system?? Which Country has good policy?? Which Country has good economy?? “NONE”.!!!
Well then… gentlemen (PLANET Managers), you’ve all FAILED.!!
[Mr Sorra… thank you very much…]

Artemis Sorras: My regards to all Ellines & People Fighters.!!


Germany doesn’t want to pay reparations for the physical and financial destruction committed during Nazi Germany’s occupation of Greece nor for a forced loan

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

I worry about your well-being. What kind of  corrupt German colony did the USA become to let you suffer innocent behind bars only because inhumane and still antisemitic Germany wants it so?

BTW, Greece has a big problem with dead-beat Germany as it doesn’t want to pay its forced loan back to Greece.

Isn’t that typical for Germany? Paying not at all – or as little as possible – and only if it is very convenient for them – and only if it pays right back to Germany…


During the Nazi time, Germany occupied Greece for four years and plundered the country. Typical German, they steal everything. Gold, art, children…


Germany said  last Monday  that there is “zero chance” of it paying World War II reparations to Greece. Germany says that the Greek government agreed to a treaty signed 25 years ago that “wrapped up” all such claims against Germany. So, based on this, Germany does not want to make repayments to Greece.


You likely know this: during the Nazi operations, Greece was forced by Germany to give it a no interest loan, which would be today approx. 95 billion with 3% interest. Typical for Germany that it wants to command Europe but not paying that money back – not even to its members. It is like the 3rd Reich all over. I saw pictures of Greeks protesting today saying: “We are not a German colony!” And they are right. Germany still does with other countries what it wants.


I guess, a court will determine if Germany has to pay that cash back to Greece. If that loan is considered “war”-damage, then they don’t get it because of that “agreement”. I know that this very friendly German agreement was obtained because Germany used its international secret service agents and ear-implants to get such deals. But if Germany gets convicted being the mastermind of manipulations by means of this secret service tool, Greece has great chances to win that money back, provided that the court that rules on the matter is no longer controlled by German ear implants. Otherwise, Greece will get nothing.

Marty, I think that Greece should prove that this Nazi-friendly ”treaty” was signed becauseGermany’s


psychiatrists/mindcontrollers (same old Nazis as ever) worked the officials with loud orders and/or silent sounds to get still existing Nazi Germany the cheapest and easiest way out. A treaty/contract obtained by bribing or mindcontrolling the parties to obtain advantages should be void, and all of Germany’s victims should be entitled to get adequate repayment.

Germany owes restitution to any country and person/family that it harmed and shouldn’t get away with not paying for all its horrors.


Greece doesn’t need to become communistic to stand up against Germany. Communism this is the other secret German “philosophy” and movement. Greece has a lot going for itself and can stand as its own democratic and independent country. However, legally convicting Germany on how it got off so cheap (using ear implants to ensure that a Nazi-friendly treaty was signed instead of a just treaty) could resolve some Greece’s problems.


Here is some of the horror that Greece, their Jews, and non-Jews suffered under the Nazis. Besides the many Jewish Greeks who died in concentration camps, 100.000 Greeks staved to death. The Nazis also forbade them to fish, and most certainly not to cause fish no pain. I am convinced that the starvation of them was deliberate. What I see is that the Germans ordered the Italians to fight the Greeks first so that the Greeks and their resources are already exhausted when the Germans move in to win.


Germany also avoided to pay what they really owe the world with a very German-friendly treaty that was concluded in London. It significantly contributed to the growth of the post-war German economy and as world economic power. It allowed Germany to enter international economic/institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization.


Typical German, they hurried to conclude this “treaty” in 1953 before President Eisenhower could resume the office of the U.S. President.


Germany was contracted to pay some money (67 million DM) to the families of Nazi victims. One DM had the  approx. value of USD 0.58 cents. 67,000 Greek Jews were killed by the Germans. Families of 67,000 killed Greek Jews and other minorities received together only 67 million German Marks, in other words, just approx. USD 33,000 million for so many thousands. Ridiculously low reparation for mass-murder and destroyed families and lives. Anyone should see how little non-German human life and suffering is worth to Germany.


Germany installed ear-implants in just about any person on Earth. How can any treaty or contract be valid with Germany using this ear-implant system to its advantage? They only paid a little bit because that helped them fooling gullible people to think that Germany changed. Same time, they sabotaged the economy of other countries, made the world buy German mostly. Germany jumped right on top of Europe a very few decades later but also revived the Neo-Nazis at the same time in Germany and all over the world. They annexed all of Europe with Germany getting the best deals of course and control over Europe. It is easy to make payments when one knows that these payments and a lot more will float right back into the pockets of Germany.


According to above article, the USA invested a lot in Germany. If Americans wouldn’t have German controlled ear-implants, they would not have invested into Germany but rather in other countries. Did Germany paid all these US investors back? How and how much?


Germany “paid the USA generously back” with psychiatric conditioning of the September 11 terrorist cell in Hamburg and having them fly into the twin towers and the Pentagon and with other atrocities.


The Eastern Bloc was not involved in above described Nazi Germany-friendly “treaty”, which means that these countries still have claims against East and West Germany?


As Germany provoked WWI too, it had to pay 16 billion Marks of debt resulting from the Treaty of Versailles after World War I, which they avoided to pay too. And was this amount properly calculated and paid back to governments and private banks in the U.S., France and Britain? No penny was paid to individuals and families that were harmed or lost family members, I guess. If Germany pays something, they want it back. Germany is now on top of the EU, which means that whatever they paid to France and Britain is theirs again, and the USA does everything what Germany orders, including separating us, Marty. Whatever the USA got from the Germany, it is wasted again to bring Germany up and the USA down. Traitors.


And how much money from American banks went back to Germany to bail German banks out? Germany always knows how to get their money back, don’t they?


The Marshall Plan was another Germany-controlled program to shovel more US money in the greedy and still existing German Nazi pockets.


And have a look at this: “Another 16 billion marks represented postwar loans by the U.S. Under the London Debts Agreement of 1953, the repayable amount was reduced by 50% to about 15 billion marks and stretched out over 30 years, and compared to the fast-growing German economy were of minor impact.” Duh! With ear-implants in all people, Germany manipulates that its economy booms and that of the USA not so much and that American money is wasted in wars that all basically benefits Germany. Germany gets richer and the USA poorer and more hated.


American taxpayers really should protest that a secretly German-run US governments shovel their cash to Germany or waste it away upon German ear-implant orders in the ears of corrupt officials and  members of Congress. How can they not see it?


Oh look, more special treatment for the Nazis:  An important term of the agreement was that repayments were only due while West Germany ran a trade surplus, and that repayments were limited to 3% of export earnings. How Nazi-friendly and convenient! USA won’t put those Nazis under any stress, won’t they?


Yep, Germany takes over the world and the world allows Germany it to step all over it.  The world is like France during the 2nd WW: no real resistance.


Germany is preparing itself to become World’s power no. 1, and the world is too mind-controlled to see what it is getting itself into.


With those ear-implants, it is so easy for Germany to make the world invest into Germany and pay them all that money right back and more and corrupt other countries and keep them down. And they also continue to sit on a Billion worth of stolen Jewish art and they don’t give it back. Only to Switzerland and they plan to get these values back from Switzerland after they “contracted” Switzerland into accepting Germany/EU as its official master and makes it join the Grossdeutsche Reich of the 21rst Century. Germany wants all that cash in Swiss banks. And no other country has a true saying. If a non-German EU official occupies a EU position, he/she will do what Germans talk into her/his ear implants.


Germany annexed 28 countries including Luxembourg with all the Scientology Sea Org reserves under the cover of the EU. Yesterday in the USA, Merkel “represented” all of EU (despite Greek’s protests) and not just Germany. Germany unfair to all countries even EU’s member states is considering itself as the leader of EU, and shame on the USA and the rest of then world having allowed this.


All Germany has to do is to arrange that willing pro Germany agents gain political posts and sign pro-German contracts. Ear-implants make it happen. Very easy sailing for Germany.


In short, no treaty is legally valid if Germany used their international agents and criminal means to obtain it. And they did. Ear-implants is the secret German holy cow, and they use it to their advantage every day in any country.


I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Always at your side.



I came across an amazing story and i would like to share it with all of you.

A news site that i usually read has this article about a donation made by a Greek family to the state and all the Greeks.

At the beginning of last century, in 1904, the National Bank of Greece founded the “Bank of the Orient”, commonly known as the «Banque d ‘Orient». The bank was subsequently developed in three main areas. Salonika, Smyrna and Alexandria. In 1932 the “East Bank” bought and merged with the parent of National Bank of Greece.

The shares were in gold and guarantor of any such stock was and still is… the Bank of France.

The refugees from Ionia, Cappadocia, the Caucasus, who eventually called for liquidation of the shares held by bank employees heard, especially after 1940 to respond to how the bills had no longer any value. The matter was forgotten. Some grandmothers and grandfathers some from Asia Minor had kept some of those shares in the chests. Others in the lockers until, forty of them appeared suddenly. Holder is a family from Patras .

The family took the shares to the National bank of Greece and the bank informs them in September 2010,that the shares hold no value.The family doesn’t give up.They contact experts on banking issues and legal and economic factors.

And here’s the surprise for the family.Mr. Theodore Karyotis is professor of economics at the University of Maryland in the U.S. and teaches Macroeconomics, International Economic Relations and microeconomics. He had gone to the valuation of shares. The conclusion is cuff. Each share of gold “Bank of East” now valued at 670 billion each. One and a half the current debt of Greece, which amounts to 450 billion . The total value of 40 shares approaching 30 trillion euros.

So this family decided to establish a non-profit organization, the «END».They donated 4 shares(remember 670 billion each) to the state.The value of the 4 shares is sufficient to pay the debt of Greece and the accumulated debt to banks for the Greek citizens and the existence of a large reserve for economic growth(at least this is what the family wants).

Too good to be true?Yes this is what i thought myself.Up to now there is no official response to this by the goverment or any politician and all the major Greek news sites and channels haven’t reported this yet.A few blogs and the site i will link only have the story.

Source in Greek

I am afraid that they will cover up the story and the money will be lost.But if this happens according to the family’s plans i have one thing to say:

Eat your heart out IMF.


With Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed as European Commission president, he is attracting attention – from claims about his drinking to a spying scandal that drove him from office.

With Jean-Claude Juncker due to be confirmed as European Commission president,  he is attracting attention - from claims about his drinking to a spying scandal that drove him from office (Reuters)


Although Jean-Claude Juncker was born nine years after the end of the second world war, in 1954, the conflict informs his views today.

He is from Luxembourg, a small country sandwiched between Germany and France, and his father Joseph was forced to fight for the Wehrmacht in the 1940s after the Nazis invaded.

After winning the vote to become the European People’s Party nominee for European Commission president, he said it was time to “talk about the real Europe again, the Europe that was crafted and imagined by those who, after the second world war, came back from concentration camps and the battlefields, and created this political programme”.

Prime minister

In Britain, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair are thought to have had a good innings as prime minister, but Mr Juncker trumped both of them.

He occupied Luxembourg’s top job for an astonishing 18 years from 1995 to 2013, making him one of the longest-serving democratically elected leaders in the world.



Margaret Thatcher’s undoing was Europe and the poll tax, Tony Blair had Iraq, while for Mr Juncker it was a scandal involving widespread bugging by the Grand Duchy’s security services.

The former head of the state intelligence service, Marco Mille, was alleged to have secretly recorded a conversation with Mr Juncker using a device disguised as a watch.

After finding out what had happened, he decided not to take any action. A parliamentary inquiry was established to investigate claims that the security services had bugged politicians as part of a culture of favours and payments.

It concluded that Mr Juncker should take responsibility for what had happened. He denied wongdoing, but resigned when his left-wing coalition partners withdrew their support.


To David Cameron, Mr Juncker is an old school federalist who is refusing to learn the lessons from May’s European elections, when Eurosceptic parties in countries like Britain and France broke the mould.

Mr Cameron wants a looser Europe, and it is fair to say Mr Juncker wants a closer one. He was an architect of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, which created the European Union and the single currency, and after the eurozone crisis, has no desire to see integration stall.


Mr Juncker was head of the Eurogroup during the eurozone bailouts and was accused on several occasions of being less than frank about what was doing on.

He denied European finance ministers were holding a meeting to discuss Greece’s membership of the euro, despite organising the gathering, and once memorably said: “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.”

When the French were due to vote in a referendum on the EU constitution in 2005, he said: “If it’s a yes, we will say, ‘On we go’, and if it’s a no, we will say, We continue’.”

Drinker and smoker

There are bound to be people who believe that claims about Jean-Claude Juncker’s drinking have emanated from the British government, because of his opposition to a Juncker presidency, but this would be wrong.

In early 2014, Jeroen Dijssebloem, the Dutch finance minister who succeeded Mr Juncker as president of the Eurogroup, described him as a “heavy smoker and drinker”.


Mr Juncker denied he had a drink problem, just as he has shot down allegations that he is trying to have the rules changed so can smoke at Brussels meetings.

Rumours about his drinking have been circulating for years.

He was accused of being drunk and abusive at a meeting with intelligence chief Marco Mille in 2007. A document leaked to the Luxembourg news magazine Paperjam gave an account of what allegedly happened.

“Towards evening we arrived at his office. It smelled of stale tobacco and an alarming scent of alcohol was in the air. Half staggering, he stepped out from behind his cluttered desk.

“Juncker was dead drunk, ordered himself two espresso and asked us to take a seat at the table. Without introductory words he began to insult Mille”. Mr Juncker has denied these claims.



George Papaconstantinou, Greece’s finance minister

Feb. 22 (Bloomberg) — Greece arranged swap agreements with about 15 securities firms, including some payments from banks that may have helped hide the country’s true deficit, according to a person with direct knowledge of the contracts.

The swaps that allowed Greece to receive payments upfront date from before 2008, when European Union regulators changed rules to limit the use of the contracts, said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which provided Greece with about $1 billion in funding in a 2002 swap, may have arranged the biggest of the contracts, the person said.

The EU accounting watchdog ordered Greece last week to provide information on its swaps as it probes whether the country used derivatives to hide the extent of its budget deficit, and if other countries used them. Swaps are typically designed to help countries to manage their debt rather than generate cash, according to Cesare Conti, a business professor at Italy’s Bocconi University.

“Upfront payments don’t necessarily lead to hidden debt,” Conti said in a telephone interview from Milan. “If swaps are used to manage obligations, rather than increase them, they’re beneficial.”

Concern about Greece’s ability to finance its deficit and debt have roiled financial markets since the government revealed the country had a budget shortfall of 12.7 percent last year, more than four times limit allowed for those countries using the euro, and the highest ratio in the 27-nation European Union.

Primary Dealers

The spread, the premium investors demand to hold Greek 10-year notes instead of German bunds, Europe’s benchmark government securities, reached 396 basis points last month, the most since the year before the euro’s debut in 1999. That compared with an average of 57 basis points in the past decade. A basis point is 0.01 percentage point.

The 15 banks that have swap agreements with Greece are among the country’s so-called primary dealers, said the person. Greece had 21 dealers last year, including Citigroup Inc., Barclays Plc and Morgan Stanley, according to the country’s central bank.

Spokesmen for Goldman Sachs in New York and Morgan Stanley in London declined to comment. Officials at Barclays and Citigroup in London didn’t have an immediate comment.

“Governments seek a large number of swap counterparties to reduce the exposure to any one bank,” Conti said.

An official for the Greek government didn’t have an immediate comment. The swaps used by Greece were “at the time legal,” Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou said on Feb. 15. The government doesn’t use the swaps now, he said.

Government Inquiry

A Greek government inquiry uncovered this month a series of swaps agreements that have allowed the government to defer interest payments to a later date, causing “long-term damage” to the country. Greece’s central government debt totaled 298.5 billion euros ($406.8 billion) at the end of 2009, according to the Finance Ministry.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Feb. 18 it would be a “scandal” if banks helped Greece massage its budget. French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, speaking on France Inter radio the same day, said that even if the swaps were legal, they probably contributed to instability.

Greek government bonds tumbled last week amid concern the country may not deliver measures to trim its budget deficit, and as the EU promised assistance without specifying what form it would take. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Greek government bonds rose 32 basis points to 6.46 percent last week.

To contact the reporter on this story: Elisa Martinuzzi in Milan at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Edward Evans at


Press Release from 2014-05-20

Establishment of the first sub-fund

  • The first of three planned sub-funds was established on 7 May 2014 in Luxembourg
  • Greece and KfW are to each provide financing of EUR 100 million
  • IfG will distribute the funds to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Greece with the help of accredited Greek banks
  • Key objective is to provide Greek SMEs with improved access to investment loans and working capital to help foster economic growth

The first of three planned IfG sub-funds was founded on 7 May 2014 in Luxembourg. The Hellenic Republic and KfW — on behalf of the German Federal Government — will each contribute EUR 100 million in funding debt to this sub-fund. These funds will be lent to small and medium-sized enterprises in Greece in the form of loans from Greek on-lending banks. The IfG will thus make it easier for Greek SMEs to access investment loans and working capital, thereby contributing towards the recovery of the Greek economy.

The Greek Minister of Finance Yannis Stournaras, the Greek Minister of Development and Competitiveness Kostis Hatzidakis and the Chief Executive Officer of KfW Dr Ulrich Schröder are meeting today in Athens to officially give the project the “green light” and to discuss how to best implement the agreed measures.

The establishment of the first sub-fund is an important milestone; it is a key prerequisite for the start of the operational phase of this project, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Finance.

In the first round of discussions, various Greek banks were informed of the project and of their potential role as sales partners.

The next steps now involve the conclusion of contracts between IfG and Greek on-lending banks, as well as the commencement of business activity in the third quarter of 2014.

About the Institution for Growth (IfG)

In May 2012, a European working party was appointed to develop a concept for the foundation of an institute to promote the Greek economy. The working party includes representatives of the European Investment Bank, the European Commission, the French Ministry for Finance and KfW.

In February 2013, the Greek Minister of Development and Competitiveness Kostis Hatzidakis approved the proposed concept for an IfG umbrella fund with three different sub-funds to be founded according to their specific promotional purpose: one sub-fund that will provide borrowed funds to Greek SMEs, one sub-fund that will provide equity capital to Greek SMEs and one sub-fund for financing infrastructure projects.

As part of a delegation trip by Federal Minister Dr Schäuble to Athens in July 2013, a memorandum of understanding was signed to implement the first sub-fund (borrowed funds for small and medium-sized companies).


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